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Bankroll Tips Keep It Separate

There are many young players who have not realized something about a playing bankroll. Many of them don't separate their playing cash from their regular expenses. That makes their playing bankroll fluctuate because they need money to live. This creates a difficult situation because the player never really knows what their true progress has been.

If you keep your playing money separate you can calculate where your weaker points are and fix them. If you have to keep pulling money out of the bankroll to live your life you won't be able to climb up the blind levels like you should be. You'll also have to keep adjusting the game you're playing in because your bankroll shrinks and climbs at a wider rate than normal.

Successfully maintaining a separate bankroll means you don't have to buy-in to the site to play. You have your playing cash and you grind


at the proper levels, riding the ups and downs that poker always provides. If your bankroll is the proper size you should be able to survive bad runs of cards and not have it affect the rest of your life.

by Bodog Poker

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