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Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky has returned to form this year after a disappointing second half of 2011. The American finished last year up just $240k, which was almost $700k below his peak in June. However, he is already up more than 10 times that in 2012, profiting a huge $2.7 million as of the beginning of September, just recently edging out the year’s previous biggest winner – EireAbu.
His most successful day of the year came just a couple of weeks ago, when he battled online legend Viktor “Isildur1” Blom heads up at $200/$400 PLO. Ben was up an incredible $1.1 million at one point during the epic match, but finished a more modest (yet still amazing) $630k for the day.

Sulsky’s new lead is also helped by the fact that Irish-based pro EireAbu hit a serious downswing last month. August was EireAbu’s worst recorded month to date, dropping nearly $800k after an unlucky couple of shots at the higher $100/$200 and $200/$400 stakes tables at PokerStars. Even so, EireAbu has had an amazing 2012, with his peak of being $3.4 million in the black in July, and currently being up a very respectable $2.67 million.

Sauce123’s amazing year so far proves that he is truly a world-class PLO and NLHE player and particularly one of the best in the world heads up. His year is probably even more impressive when you factor in that he doesn’t really shy away from playing anybody, playing long sessions with the likes of Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond and Isildur1.

Sauce123 Wins Another $500k – Tops $4 Million for 2012

Back to back big days for Sauce123 who is now showing a $4m profit at the PokerStars tables for 2012

Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky seems to be the runaway favourite to end the year as the biggest highstakes online winner as a two day masterclass at the $200/$400 PLO tables has seen him add a further $900k to his already burgeoning bankroll which now sits at $4,086,669 profit over at PokerStars.

Once again the $200/$400 PLO games at PokerStars dominated the days action and the action was in turn dominated by Sauce123 as he crushed allcomers to take home his $1/2 million win. Faring worst were Ilari FIN (-$287.4k) and Barcode (-$276.9k) although 0Human0, 1-ronnyr3 and bernard-bb all ended up losers in the $200/$400 games. Although Barcode suffered a pretty big loss he did take back a fair bit from patpatman later in the final sessions which stopped him making a massive loss on the day.

Before his losses in the final hour or so of play three handed with Sauce and Barcode, patpatman had been on a major upswing (still ending the day a $141k winner) and along the way took down the biggest pot we’ve seen this year at PokerStars;

patpatman flops the nuts, Barcode turns the nuts then patpatman rivers the nuts in this wild $402.6k pot

Sauce also took some decent six figure pots on his way to the top of the leader board – here are his biggest two;

Sauce123 flops top set and fades 1-ronnyr3’s flush draw to take this $265.3k pot

Sauce’s turned flush is good for this $156.9k pot and get’s good value from patpatman on the river

Towards the end of the $200/$400 PLO games at PokerStars patpatman (rumoured to be CL who people believe plays the macau big game) asked Sauce if he wanted to play some heads up NLHE over at Full Tilt Poker. Sauce agreed and so began a close to two hour, 2 tables session of nosebleed NL between the two. Things looked good for Sulsky (Sauce1234 at FT) as he took the lead early on over his opponent (who plays as patpatpanda at FT). However, patpatpanda fought back well and managed to go on a bit of a heater before ending the session a c.$55k winner. Winning by far the biggest pot of the session certainly helped him accomplish this goal;

Sauce1234 is a little unlucky running his JJ twice against patpatpanda’s AK and losing both times to a King – $236.6k pot

Second on todays leader board we see Scott “mastrblastr” Seiver over at Full Tilt who ended the day a $360k winner, with his winnings coming from some meaty $1.5k/$3k 2-7 Triple Draw sessions against Tom “durrrr” Dwan. Dwan didn’t actually end up a big loser yesterday, despite this pretty big crushing from Seiver as he won substantial amounts at another $1.5k/$3k Triple Draw tables, the $300/$600 NLHE tables, some $100/$200 2-7 TD NL tables and also during a couple of 8 game sessions.

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