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Sandra Naujoks

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Don’t let her looks fool you! Sandra Naujoks is the reigning European Female Player of the Year and the second-ever Female Champion of the European Poker Tour.

After studying German and History she became a teacher, only to give that up to be a successful Graphic Designer and Model. However, another new direction has now come to fruition.

It’s not often in our “Where Are They Now” series that I get to write about a player coming off his or her biggest win in their career.  It’s always fun to write about a female player succeeding in a game where to this day an alarming amount of people still feel a woman’s only place at a poker table is dealing, or serving drinks.  Some of these critics feel this way because it seems the women who do get the super sponsorship deals receive them for a couple of reasons that have nothing to do with their poker playing ability.  But don’t be fooled by Sandra’s Naujoks looks, she has proved both online as “The Black Mamba” and now at one of the premier poker events on any tournament circuit, that she can play with anybody.

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Sandra Naujoks, 27, was born in Dessau, Germany, and currently resides in Berlin, Germany.  Despite her young age, Naujoks has lived quite a full life already.  In college she studied German and history while hoping to become a teacher after graduating.  That’s exactly what she did, but despite enjoying that job, she found herself interested in other things.  As a child she had an interest in designing, and a job opportunity presented itself in the field of graphic design.  While she had to start that job at an entry level position, it wasn’t long before she was successful in the field.  Also, during her time she was climbing up the ranks in the field of graphic designs, she added another line to her resume, model.

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