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The patpatman account on Pokerstars is registered in Macau, but currently we’re not sure who’s playing. There’s been a lot of speculating, which is common whenever a new player joins the biggest games. This is particularly true if this player wins or loses big sums or plays in a highly aggressive manner. In patpatman’s case, both the former and the latter fits like a glove.

Nothing is certain, but the according to the latest rumors, patpatman’s most likely identity has been narrowed down to either Tom “Durrrr” Dwan or a Chinese Businessman. Two reason for this is comments made by patpatman in the chat box about the current beyond-nose-bleed-live-cash-games-behind-close-doors in Macau. Games that many people have heard of, but only a few know specific details about. We do know that Tom Dwan has played in those and one would think that Dwan does not want to stay away from the online poker scene too long.

When playing on PokerStars, patpatman plays the highest stakes of NLHE and PLO that the site has to offer, is not afraid to play deep stacked and not everyone seem to be willing to play against him. Recently we have seen some activity from him at the mixed games tables too. Nothing of this deviates from what we have seen from Dwan on Full Tilt.

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