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0Human0 is the PokerStars screen name of Romanian player Ignat Liviu, widely considered the countries best player – in fact it has been suggested on reputable online poker forums that he is one of the very best NLHE players currently gracing the virtual felt today.

Liviu’s poker journey began in late 2007 when he signed up to PokerStars after hearing from friends that it was a great way to earn extra money. Liviu obviously took this advice to heart as he has consistently been among the top money earners at Stars ever since and is currently sitting on a $900k profit this year (2011) and is over $2.2 million to the good on PokerStars.

As a former engineering student 0Human0 has a fundamental understanding of the mathematics involved in poker but claims that its importance is overrated by many and that dealing successfully with the spontaniety inherent in playing poker (especially online) is more important than any statistical analysis of the game. As a keen follower of strategy games such as Starcraft, 0Human0 was able to translate the thinking involved in such games in order to master the game of poker and now plays at the highest limits on offer at PokerStars. Equally adept at 6 max and heads up play, 0Human) is a true NL shark.

0Human0 is on the list of biggest poker winners tracked by HighstakesDB.

Keen to help other prospective Romanian players reap the rewards of poker Liviu set up the Romanian training website where he and some other Romanian pro friedns recorded training videos which they then gave away free.

As 0Human0 continues to dominate his opponents and his profit graph seems to be constantly on the rise we can only imagine where he might be twelve months from now.

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