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Andrew Grimason – EireAbu

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EireAbu is on the list of biggest poker winners tracked by HighstakesDB. The data is based on 507210 hands played and his total cash game profits amount to $1,921,529.

Rumor has it, that “EireAbu” on PokerStars is a Dutchman playing High Stakes PLO from Ireland.

“Éire” is the Irish name for Ireland and “Abú” could be translated as onward, forever or go. Basically, it’s a cheer for Ireland. In the Netherlands, poker players are obligated to pay tax (we discussed this earlier in an interview with “L0ve2playU”), that among other things could be the reason for living in exile.

“EireAbu” has reached Super Nova Elite status on PokerStars, which is rare, even among the High Stakes Professionals. In order to achive this status, one has to play hundreds of thousands of hands.

According to our Almighty Data Base “EireAbu” managed to turn -$272K loss into a $2 million profit, in just three months, by playing tons of hands, but not one single hand was played at stakes above PLO $50/100. This means that the Irish based player, Dutch or not, has won an amount equal to 225 normal (100 big blinds) buy-ins during this period. Variance is a big factor, especially in PLO, but if you’re a big winner in terms of Big Blinds after a large number of hands, you’re probably doing some things better than the others.

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