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Poker After Dark is an hour-long poker television program . The show made its debut on January 1, 2007. For its first two seasons, both of which first aired in 2007, the show was presented by Shana Hiatt. The host for season 3 was Marianela Pereyra, and Leeann Tweeden took over starting with season 4. All seasons have contained voice-over commentary by Oliver "Ali" Nejad.

The Poker After Dark format features an "intimate look at one table as it develops over the week." Blinds start at $100/$200 and slowly escalate. Commentator Ali Nejad’s commentary is limited, allowing viewers to hear much of the table talk among the players, all of whom are miked. The series was originally structured as a series of week-long No Limit Texas hold ’em mini tournaments for six top poker professionals. Each week the players vied for a $120,000 winner-takes-all prize pool, with each paying a $20,000 buy-in. By the end of the fifth show, a winner is determined. The sixth show is a "director’s cut" that includes excerpts from the action from the previous five days, interspersed with talking heads commentary from the participants. Beginning with season 4, the producers began to experiment with different formats, including 2 weeks of cash game play, and a week consisting of a double-elimination Heads Up battle between the first 4 winners of the National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Also, starting with Season 3, each season has had a so called "Dream Table," pitting an amateur against five pros.

Poker After Dark, new late night show, invites viewers into the exclusive Las Vegas poker scene. The nightly hour-long show, hosted by LeeAnn Tweeden, features six poker professionals vying for a winner-take-all $120,000 first place prize.

Hosted by Leeann Tweeden, each week’s tournament will follow the action from the time the players shuffle up and deal until the last pot is pushed to the winner. In between, you’ll see first-hand why the pros say it takes more than just good cards to be a winning player.

Bluffs will be called, nerves will be tested, and characters judged as each player attempts to outplay, outwit, and outmaneuver the competition.

When all is said and done, one player will walk away a winner while the rest will just walk away.

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