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High Stakes Poker Season 5

High Stakes Poker fifth Season Line Up

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Professional Players

Phil Hellmuth – 11 time World Series of Poker bracelet winner and has appeared on High Stakes Poker twice. Look forward to Hellmuth holding a grudge against Peter Eastgate for beating his WSOP Main Event record of being the youngest poker player to ever win the Main Event.

Doyle Brunson – No introduction needed for the legend Doyle Brunson who has won 10 World Series of Poker bracelets and is known as the God Father of poker. Brunson is no stranger to High Stakes Poker and make look for some restitution after folding a flush against well known bluffer and action player Jamie Gold.

Johnny Chan – A well known high stakes cash game player and widely known for his appearance of Matt Damon’s movie Rounders, will be returning for the fifth season on High Stakes Poker. Chan also has 10 World Series of Poker bracelets.

Phil Ivey – Ivey is no stranger to High Stakes Poker appearing on several episodes throughout the series. He is considered one of the best cash game players live and online as he is one highest earners on Full Tilt Poker.

David Benyamine – Is considered to be one of the best high stakes pot limit Omaha players in the world and is also no stranger to the high stakes games being played online and in Bobby’s Room. He also appeared on season four of High Stakes Poker, where he didn’t run that great.

Peter EastgateWinner of the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event will be participating in the fifth season, which has disappointed many poker forum posters saying that he does not have tv charisma and will be boring. Give Eastgate some props though, he is one of the few recent Main Event winners to play in this game besides Jamie Gold.

Ivon Demidov – The Russian poker player who final tabled both the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event and the WSOP Main Event will get another crack to play against Peter Eastgate, however, unfortunately not for a bracelet. Demidov is becoming one of the most popular poker players in the world with his recent tournament success.

Tom Dwan – One of the internets most followed and idolized players is Tom Dwan, who is considered by many to be the best high stakes Texas Hold’em player online. You can expect some verbal jousts with Phil Hellmuth and the high action Tom Dwan as there has been bad blood since the time Dwan two outed Hellmuth during the NBC’s national heads up championships.

Howard Lederer – The professor will also be joining the fifth season of High Stakes Poker, for what reason? We have no idea. Lederer is one of the most boring players to watch and barely gives any action at all. Expect to see the general poker player audience root against Lederer.

Antonio Esfandiari + Phil Laak – We can assume that the Magician will be playing over his bankroll again for this game and one can same the same thing for Phil Laak. They are listed in the title because where one of them goes the other one does. These two are freakishly close and rarely appear in public not together. They also run a prop betting show called ‘I Bet You’ which airs on internet TV station called Mojo.

Barry Greenstein – Is a well regarded high stakes poker player that has been around for years. Barry is apart of Team PokerStars and represents the site at major tournaments all over the world. His specialty is high stakes games and is a stay in at the big game at the Bellagio in Bobby’s room. He is one of the few guys that will be extremely conformable at these stakes.

Dario Minieri – Minieri had a very good year in 2008 at the European Poker Tour, World Series of Poker Europe and the WSOP. The Italian poker player even picked up a sponsorship with PokerStars and is on their official team. It is unknown if Minieri has cash game skills, however, after seeing his tournament results it can only be assumed he is a complete Texas Hold’em player.

Ilari Sahamies – Anyone can find Ilari playing the highest games on Full Tilt Poker under screen name Ziigmund. He is known for his foul language and criticism at the tables and should provide great entertainment throughout his appearance on High Stakes Poker.

Amateurs Players

Bob Safai – Another amateur player who has appeared previously in season four and held his ground very well. Bob tends to find himself gambling and you’ll find him in some of the largest pots throughout the show.

Nick Cassavetes – Not much is known about Nick’s poker playing ability. He is most known for is directing the popular Rachel McAdams and Ryan Goslings movie, The Notebook in 2004. Other movies he was apart of includes: Alpha Dog, Blow, She’s So Lovely and the list goes on.

Sam Simon – Once again, we don’t know anything about Simon’s poker playing abilities so we assume he is an amateur. However, in 2007’s World Series of Poker Main Event he finished 329th. Simon is a co-creator of popular comedy cartoon show The Simpsons, so he will have lots of money to gamble with.

Giorgio Medici – no information could be found on Medici.

Editors Note: We used the best of our knowledge of separating the players between amateurs and professional players and much of this information is personal opinion.

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